About Us

The Southampton Peconic Beach & Tennis Club was established in the early 1900's. There have been 7 owners over the years. The present owners are the Stelling Family who have owned it the longest over 43 years since 1978.

A true family ownership with the grandparents in charge and grandchildren performing jobs as beach boys, sailing instructors, cooks, waitstaff and event coordinator among the clubs many employees. 

Over the past 40 years the family has made many improvements and changes. The activities have gone thru big swings in membership interests from tennis to windsurfing to paddle boarding & kayaking.

The club is also a rich tradition of bringing together generation after generation. Youngsters grew into adults and started new families and then joined as new family members. 

The club has also offered a great environment for the many employees who over the years had their first job working at the club. We are proud of the many successful men and women who went on to become great employees and entrepreneurs from their experiences working at the beach club.

See you on our beach...

Renee and Bob Stelling